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ECO HOUSE - PVC Windows in Egypt

The company "ECO HOUSE" was founded in 2009 and is the largest manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors in Egypt. Professionalism, creativity and total dedication to our business enabled the company to take a strong position in the window market. However, our reputation speaks for itself!
We have worked seriously for already 13 years in the area of creating comfort and coziness and the quality of our work is confirmed by appreciative feedback from our customers. Building of our reputation is build from these small stones. Our valuable clients recommend us to their friends, acquaintances, neighbors and colleagues.
We don't just produce windows, we surround you with warmth and comfort, transforming the world around us.
We offer a wide range of uPVC windows:
If you are looking for the optimum combination of elegance and reliability, like comfort and know the value of money - you are welcome to contact us.


Warranty is the main criterion for evaluating product quality. After all, the manufacturer is solely responsible for warranty obligations and cannot overstate the warranty periods. Confidence in the quality and reliability of our products gives us the right to grant a 20-years free warranty for the uPVC profile and accessories in window and door structures.

We are beside you

Every day we are getting closer to each house, opening new offices and representative offices. In each of them you will be able to get useful advice and comprehensive answers to any questions concerning the installation of plastic windows in your home.
Guided by your wishes and taking into account production capabilities, experienced professionals offer the best options for products and accessories, they will be able to undertake individual architectural design of structures for glazing of residential and industrial buildings, shopping centers, storefronts. The diversity of forms is limitless and your imagination is a proof of that!
All kinds of manufacturing, delivery, installation and finishing, including warranty services are performed by highly professionals. For us, qualification of our staff is as important factor as modern and reliable equipment.


December offer: "Double Glazing by the price of Ordinary Glass!"


When ordering ANY window design of ANY color and ANY type opening

Only in December 2022 - Double Glass by the Price of Single!


*This offer is valid ONLY in December 2022.Completion of the order in any color of profile, any type of opening. Color of glass in glazing is transparent without reflecting effect (5*10*5). Extra options such as mosquito net, colored glass and others can be ordered additionally.


Orders are completed within 30 days. Prepayment when ordering 90% of the cost.


With our every step we are getting closer and more accessible. Each month we will make promotions offering  the most popular options at low price or even Free of charge!

When ordering December 2022 ANY Eco House Window design, ANY color and ANY type of opening - glazing (double glass) by the price of ordinary (single) glass.


We have already made one hundred one step towards to our customers.                   ‚Äč        

And today it's the time for our hundred and second STEP.


ONLY in December 2022.Completion of the order in any color of profile, any type of opening. Color of glass in glazing is transparent without reflecting effect (5*10*5). Extra options such as mosquito net, colored glass and others can be ordered additionally.


uPVC Windows and Doors in Egypt. Any color of turn, tilt and turn, tilt sliding, sliding, parallel sliding system, arched non standard PVC windows. Mosquito nets, roller and lower shutter, jalousie in double glass or triple glazing by Super Spacer technology. Painted and bend uPVC profile, stained glass. Painting and bending PVC profile WINSA Carina, Vela. Maintenance and Repairing
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